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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Greetings from California

So here it is! The first blog update, and -hopefully- many more to come.. ;) I am not good at taking time to write.. but I do think about you guys back home a lot! I will keep on writing in English not only so that everyone can understand.. but also since our computer doesn't have our pretty Swedish letters. But feel free to comment in Swedish or English, whatever works best for you! :)

So far it's been six weeks. Six weeks of living in another country, and living with my absolute favorite man on planet earth. Six weeks of adjusting, relaxing & waiting. Last week I finally got my Social Security Number.. So now I can buy a phone, get my drivers license & find a job! I am stoked. Sitting at home all day just doesn't work for me. Even though that gives me plenty of time to clean, do laundry, cook and even read.

Nothing really crazy have happen so far,  but here's a few fun things:
  • Ryan had cray fish for the first time (Kräftskiva)
  • I had crab for the first time
  • There was two earthquakes in one day that I didn't even notice 
  • At the beach one day a seal came up right where people were swimming
  • Everything in our room is from IKEA except two candles and one lamp
  Don't forget to..


  1. Vad härligt att "höra" från dig, du har funnits in mina tankar <3 Ser fram emot att kunna kika in här framöver :-) Kisses

  2. Haha yea, I'll try to update here more often.. It's just that my days look pretty much all the same so far ;) Thinking about you back home too.. look forward til you all start to come visit!! :D <3