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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am making a list.

A list of things i love, look forward to & am thankful for. 

Right now the time is 7.30 on a Monday morning in early February. I am stoked that the sun is rising in less than an hour! 

his morning the water was tasting even better than other days,
so i took time to enjoy every sip of it!

am so thankful that growing up, i always had color pens and tons of paper.
What an investment in your children! Thank you mom and dad :)

love the fact that in California, i can buy fresh tasty strawberries all year round.

I love the fact that here in Sweden where i grew up, the sun never goes down during summer. 

like buying pretty dresses, always have and always will. 

andle lights and sparkling things is a must. 

retty is my interest. 

u s i c .

love the fact that my man is better than me at most things. That means i will always have someone to learn from and look up to . 

or the first time ever, can i say i felt any sort of positive feelings towards the bright light right outside my window. Most times it just goes off and lights up my room when i try to sleep. But this morning it made the snow falling beautiful. It really looks like it's raining glitter from the sky. 

bsolutely love the fact that right now we get 8 more minutes of sun each day! 


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