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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just another terrific Thursday

Today turned out to be a great day! When Ryan got off work I had already prepared a chicken salad to eat in the car, cause we would be stuck in traffic for a while. I drove us to Guitar Center and then all the way up to Irvine. ( Need to practice before I take the drivers test ;) ) We went to a rad couple from church to get Ry's guitar fixed, which was awesome cause I got to hang out with the beautiful wifey! 

After that we went to Men's Warehouse to get Ryan fitted for his tuxedo, for his brothers wedding. Just next door to that place was Bed Bath & Beyond and World Market! 

Pretty glorious.. ;)  (I just wanted to go since this store is in the movie Click)

And here's some Swedish goodies we saw at the World Market! 
We bought Daim, Malteser's and After Eight. I'm gonna make an After Eight Cake.. ;)



  1. I do not understand... Driver test?? But why????
    Vad då, tycker USA att du kör för bra så du behöver lära dig att köra dåligt :P Hehe...

    Massa bebis och mammi kramar söta Lollo

  2. Yes I need to get a California Drivers License now since I moved here :) So both the written and a driving test. But the prices are nothing compared to Sweden! Think it's only gonna cost me around 250sek :)
    I totally need to learn all the crazy rules they have here.. and driving on the freeway is so scary! Huvva ;)

    Haha it must be hard hugging you soon, with the belly pouting :D